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Our story began with a simple goal: help companies save money by eliminating their energy inefficiencies and by that give our contribution towards a more sustainable world.


Win Win – Win for you and for the Planet.



Next level of the Energy Management System.

The Predictive Company’s solution is a Building (Energy) Management System based on Artificial Intelligence.

The solution consists of:

A personalized energy optimization and an autonomous machinery control allowing savings in energy and CO2 emissions up to 30%. It can be implemented in any type of a building in the tertiary sector (school, offices, museums…)

The novelty of The Predictive Company’s software is based on :

The usage of self-learning algorithms to determine the optimal operation of the energetic infrastructure and the addition of unlimited number of variables allowing to create a more precise prediction of the energy need, in other words, higher level of savings.

More than a decade of the R&D allows us to put the exact necessary weight on the different variables, which allows the software to create a prediction of the energy need with the precision higher than 95%.



Model & Learn –> Predict &Optimize –> Control & Supervise
Model & Learn

Through the sensors installed in the building TPC software uses self-learning algorithms to get to know the energy profile of a building. TPC algorithm combines this learning with an unlimited number of given variables as occupancy, weather, internal calendar and any other possible variable that provides useful information. Don’t have sensors installed? No worries, we can provide them for you.

Predict & Optimize

Once gathered all the information, the TPC software creates an extreme precise and personalized prediction of the energy demand of your building. The energy you will need. No more.

Control & Supervise

Based on that prediction, the software controls the HVAC machinery for its most optimal use & constantly supervise the behavior of the building’s status. You will be able to see all the information in real time through your personalized online dashboard.


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The Predictive Company allows you to:

  • Save money by cutting your energy cost up to 30%.
  • Contribute into a more sustainable world by reducing your CO2 emissions.
  • Have more visibility on what is happening in your building thanks to the online real time energy building dashboards.
  • Have a better understanding of a machinery conditions and avoid any type of unexpected damage or hidden cost.
  • Keep the perfect comfort inside your building.
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    Where does it come from?

    The Predictive Company solution is a result of more than 10 years of research and development of the MCIA group from the Polytechnics of Catalunya.

    The development of the modelling, prediction and supervision modules were founded in the framework of different projects founded by Spanish government and Europe.

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    wHO WE ARE?

    Alonzo Romero

    CEO & Co - Founder

    MBA, Entrepreneur, 20+ years of varied international experience for world-class multinational leaders

    Natalia Skwarek

    COO & Co - Founder

    Business development professional with more than 5 years of international start-up and corporate experience

    Luis Romeral

    CSO & Co - Founder

    Recognized scientific with a significant technological transfer activity in the last 20 years in the field of energy efficiency

    Miguel Delgado

    CTO & Co - Founder

    Research and project management in the field of AI and Internet Of Things applied in industrial and tertiary sector

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    Would you like to become one of the firsts beneficiaries of TPC technology? Contact us!

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    Alonzo Romero Lauro – CEO & Co – Founder

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    Natalia Skwarek – COO & Co – Founder

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    Pier 01 - Palau de Mar Building Sector C 2nd floor Pl. Pau Vila, 1 08039 Barcelona Spain